Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a translator? Google Translate can do the same thing, right?

The content you need translated is the product of people work. People have thought about the message, style, target group and word choices. Google Translate can’t do this; all it can do is convert it, word for word, into another language. That’s why when it comes to professional communications, it’s always better to engage the services of a professional who can make the translation just as perfect as the original.


Take a look at these examples of what you might end up with by using Google Translate.


Google translate 01Google translate 02

Do I really need a translator? I have someone in my office who speaks very good Dutch.

Speaking the language well is only the first requirement of being a translator. The translator also has to have professional experience and qualifications, as well as native-speaker mastery, in order to convey the text as naturally in the target language as it was originally written. A further point to consider is whether translating your content is the best use of your colleague’s time. Going to a professional translator might just be saving you time and money.

What will it cost?

This will depend on your specific text. Number of words, difficulty level, layout and deadline are all factors that will have an effect on the price. Feel free to contact me with questions about a specific text or to request a quote at no obligation to you.

Are there services that you can’t help me with?

You should be aware that I only translate from English into Dutch, my native language (and not the other way round). If you need your content in English, I am happy to refer you to a highly qualified and reliable English native-speaker translator in my network. Secondly, I must decline any legal, medical or technical translations, although for these types of materials I can also refer you to an expert colleague.